We provide several health tools and calculators that will make your journey to improved health a little easier.

Custom Meal Planner

The meal plans created by our planner are totally customized to each person, using their body information, food preferences, and health goal to formulate an optimal plan of meals to reach the person's daily calorie target.

Weight Loss Calculator

Our weight loss calculator is a tool to help people find out exactly what they need to do to meet their weight loss goal by when they want. It takes information such as your age, height, current weight, desired weight, activity level, and when you want to lose the weight by, and it calculates how many calories your body uses every day and how many calories you need to restrict in order to meet your goal.

Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) Calculator

Our total daily energy expenditure calculator is a tool to help people find out how many calories their body consumes every day. This measurement considers a person's activity level, which makes it more accurate and useful than a BMR calculation. People can use their TDEE calculation for many applications, such as developing more effective dieting plans.

Dream Interpreter

This tool takes a person's dream — by breaking it down into pieces such as primary emotion, dream theme, dream objects, etc. — and instantly provides an interpretation.