Our Total Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator (TDEE Calculator) is a tool you can use to find out how many calories your body burns every day.

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Calculating Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure

Our TDEE calculator can be used to calculate your total daily energy expenditure — that is, how many calories your body uses during each day. To come to this calculation, we consider a few data points, such as your body mass index (BMI) and your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

A TDEE is an important measure that plays a major role in dietary planning. It's a crucial component when creating a healthy meal plan for weight loss, or when trying to craft a beneficial exercise schedule. Without the TDEE, you'd essentially be "flying blind" and would need to make a wild guess as to how many calories you need every day. Since the TDEE calculation is based on nutrition science and mathematics, it stands on firmer ground and lays a better foundation for health planning.

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Your BMI is calculated by taking your weight (in kg) and dividing by your height (in cm) squared. This measurement was developed over a century ago and, by itself, is not very useful. Other measurements have been developed since then that are much more helpful gauges of health, like BMR.


Your BMR is a measure of how many calories your body consumes every day without activity — so how many calories your body would burn if you were to remain immobile for 24 hours straight. (We also have a BMR Calculator.) This measurement is influenced by your age, height, weight, body fat/muscle composition, genetic factors, etc. While BMR can be helpful on its own, it doesn't always tell the whole story, which is where TDEE comes in.

The TDEE Calculation

Your TDEE calculation is different from your BMR because, unlike BMR, a TDEE considers your activity level, and as such is a much more useful measurement. While BMR is a measure of how many calories your body burns at rest — i.e. without doing any sort of exercise at all — TDEE considers how frequently and strenuously you exercise.

So TDEE is essentially a modified calculation of BMR, as it uses your BMR and activity level to determine the total number of calories your body consumes in a day. This number is important because it can assist you in many health-promoting initiatives, such as daily calorie counting, productive dieting and calorie restriction, and meal planning.

Want to finally lose the weight?

We are able to take the TDEE calculation even further. If you are trying to lose weight, we are able to calculate precisely how many calories you need to restrict in order to meet your weight loss goals. To try this tool out for yourself, check out our weight loss calculator.