Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Workout


Scarlett Johansson.

Enough said. By now, you’ve had time to conjure up images of this gorgeous woman. What do you see? Silky hair? Flawless skin? That mesmerizing smile? Her incredible action moves as the Marvel superhero Black Widow?

Probably all the above. But what you’ve probably also pictured is her incredible physique. She is in great shape!

Scarlett Johansson posing after workout

Wow. It seems like she always looks like this — stunning and thin. How does she do it?

Well… it’s simple. Scarlett Johansson works out.

Getting A Scarlett Johansson Body

Many would say Scarlett has the ideal body for a woman — the male equivalent may be Brad Pitt’s body in the movie Fight Club — because her physique is feminine yet strong. She wasn’t born this way, obviously, so how did she develop a body like this?

Scarlett puts in the time and effort necessary to shape her body in an aesthetically pleasing way. Now, most of this is hard work: plenty of exercise, clean eating, and determination — maybe a few tears in the process (she is human after all).

So what can we do to get a body like Scarlett Johansson?

We must work out like her.

Working Out Like Black Widow

In order to get a body like Scarlett Johansson, we must work out like she does when she’s training to be her character Black Widow. It may seem obvious, and it is. But I feel the need to say it here for the sake of being thorough: By working out like Black Widow, we will be going through the same process that Scarlett does to get her great physique.

Of course, she has professional trainers to guide her. She has upcoming acting roles in huge blockbuster movies to motivate her. We likely do not have any of these luxuries. But we do have each other, and the desire to look like Scarlett Johansson.

Okay, enough talk. We have a lot of work to do to look like this:

Scarlett Johansson superhero black widow workout

Let’s get started.

How Does Scarlett Johansson Work Out?

In order to perform well in the roles for her many films (particularly action roles and superhero roles), Scarlett needs to have a lot of strength and great cardiovascular health. In particular, her core must be extraordinarily strong.

To this end, a focus should be placed on the following types of workouts:

  • Core work
  • Strength/resistance training
  • Cardio

If you’ve been reading our other fitness articles, you probably already know that Bow Health is a huge proponent of strengthening the core. At the center of all that beauty, Scarlett has a very strong core.

Strength training and cardio exercise go extraordinarily well together, while performing one without the other leaves something to be desired.

Let’s talk a little more about these types of workouts.

Strength Training

No, ladies, strength training will not turn you into a bodybuilder. Women who think lifting weights will make them gain a huge amount of muscle are just plain wrong.

I repeat: You will not gain much muscle mass unless you are eating a ton of food and/or taking an illicit supplement like anabolic steroids. Even using readily-available supplements like whey protein powder or creatine capsules aren’t going to make you easily gain mass. There are no “buts” about it — it’s just physiology.

Instead, this kind of training will strengthen your muscles (firm up your body in all the right places — assuming you’re doing the right training, of course — really toning in particular the thighs, arms, and core regions.


Usually, “cardio” is everyone’s least favorite word. Am I right? It often summons up feelings and memories of pain and suffering. But this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, when done properly, cardio can actually be fun.

Yes, you read that right. Cardio can be fun when performed the right way, which is to try to always vary your cardio workouts so that you’re never doing the same thing twice in a row, and preferably more than once in a week. Not only does it keep the activity somewhat new (and therefore exciting), it also keeps your body on its toes and never adapting to the workouts you’re throwing its way (important).

Based on all the above, we can create a Scarlett Johansson workout (i.e. Black Widow workout) that will help you come closer to your dream body (and have you fighting evil in no time).

The Scarlett Johansson – Black Widow Workout

  • Monday: Weight training (Full-body weight-lifting session.)
  • Tuesday: Cardio (Aerobic-focused: get heartrate moderately-high and maintain that level for at least 20 minutes — can be achieved through running, swimming, cycling, climbing stairs, elliptical, etc.)
  • Wednesday: Circuit training (Perform fast-paced circuits with a focus on body-weight exercises.)
  • Thursday: Yoga (Try to do Vinyasa or a similar, movement-based yoga.)
  • Friday: Cardio & Intervals (For intervals, alternate moderately vigorous movements with high-intensity bursts.)
  • Saturday: Core work (really work to target the entire core, not just the abdominal muscles.)
  • Sunday: Rest day (Recovery day. Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of fluids.
    You may want to do a brief warm-up session and then stretch thoroughly.

Scarlett Johansson’s workout plan, like the one outlined above, incorporates her entire body and keeps her muscles guessing. The weights and circuit training strengthens her muscles, the yoga and core work keep her midsection rock-solid, and the cardio keeps her cardiovascular system in top shape.

Follow this workout (or design a similar plan yourself) and you’ll be looking like a blockbuster superhero action-star in no time.