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Dream Interpretations: Our Free Online Dream Analysis Tool

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But we understand the tremendous power dreams can have over our psyche and mental functioning, which ultimately affects our physical functioning to a major degree. Particular dreams can spill over into our waking hours and affect our mental health. And since strong mental health is crucially important for your physical health, understanding your dreams and properly dealing with them may be beneficial to your overall health.

Our online dream interpreter was created to be a free, quick and easy way to have your dreams interpreted and analyzed in an instant. The easy-to-follow prompts make getting a free dream analysis a breeze.

While receiving a dream interpretation from a real person can take a long time and sometimes be embarrassing (depending on the dream content), our free dream interpreter was designed to analyze your dream instantly and provide a detailed interpretation of your dream based on the content — particularly its primary and secondary dream themes, as well as dream objects that may have occurred.

Limitations of Interpreting Dreams

Of course, it’s important to remember that dream interpretation (even from an artificially-intelligent piece of software) is always subjective and will vary widely from one dream interpreter to another.

As a result, the dream analysis you get from this tool could be very different from the analysis you get from your psychologist, which would be very different from the analysis you get from your best friend Sharon, or the one received from your great Aunt Betty (to name a few examples). Therefore, take each dream interpretation you receive with a grain of salt, and know that you are probably your own best dream interpreter.

In order to understand how dreams are interpreted, it may first help to understand what dreams are.

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What Are Dreams?

A dream is the flowing images and sensations that happen while asleep. This phenomenon usually occurs while in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep. During this stage activity in the brain is higher and similar to that of a waking person.

Most people have around three to five dreams per night but forget most of them. Dreams are more easily remembered when the person wakes directly from the REM phase.

Why Do We Dream?

It is not completely understood why we dream, although there are many theories. Many theories subscribe to the Freudian view of dreaming. Most of the theories from a neurological perspective have something to do with memory. For example, one theory says that dreaming plays a role in memory consolidation, specifically in the transfer of short-term memories to long-term memory storage.

What Is Dream Interpretation?

Dream interpretation is the act of giving dreams meaning. While dreams can sometimes seem to be nothing more than random flashes and sound, modern psychology considers dreaming to be significant and that the content of the dream can be interpreted and analyzed to derive subtle meaning from the unconscious mind that relates to the person’s life.

Why Have Dreams Interpreted?

A large majority of people believe that dreams have significance and can be deciphered to reveal meaningful and previously unknown truths, beliefs, desires, and ideas, which make them useful tools for better understanding yourself and enhancing your waking hours. Some people even believe that they have potential predictive value for the future.

How Accurate Is The Dream Interpreter Tool?

Considering that dreams can be interpreted in a variety of different ways, each analysis of your dream will likely be a little different. This difference will likely vary according to the interpreter’s background and current school of thought.

In fact, with interpreting a dream, there are no “right” answers because a proper analysis is based on probability and what is the “likely” or “probable” meaning. This is important to remember when analyzing a dream.

Our online dream interpreter works by breaking down your dream into separate parts and then analyzing these various parts for themes, objects, and therefore possible meanings.

We are constantly updating and adding new data to our dream interpreter, and therefore we expect it to continue to get more accurate and relevant with each dream analysis.