Best Casein Protein in 2017

Casein protein supplements can be used to enhance your muscle-building efforts. Our casein protein rankings can help you compare the top casein supplements and find out which one is best for you.

Based on our reviews of the top casein protein supplements, the following are the best on the market today. Check out the table below to help you choose the casein supplement that’s best for your needs and budget.

Optimum Nutrition casein protein MusclePharm casein supplement Dymatize Micellar slow absorbing protein MuscleTech 100% casein NAKED CASEIN
View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon View on Amazon
BowScore™ (?) 8.8 8.4 8.1 8.4 9.2
Quality Rating
Protein 24g 28g 25g 24g 26g
Calories 120 130 130 110 110
Main Ingredient micellar casein micellar casein micellar casein micellar casein micellar casein
Servings per container 53 53 50 55 76

Best Casein Supplements

A Guide to Finding the Top Casein Supplements

There is no doubt that you’ll want to live as long as humanly possible. At the same time, you’ll want to go above and beyond to maintain the highest quality of life possible. In order to achieve both goals, you’ll need to take steps to keep yourself in good shape. Eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis are necessities for maintaining good health. Depending on your unique desires and goals, you may also want to consider taking a high-quality casein protein supplement.

You may have heard of casein protein. But what is casein protein and why should you consider supplementing with casein powder? You’ll find out below.

What Is Casein?

Casein is a protein that digests at a slow pace to maintain optimal levels of amino acids in the bloodstream. While it is a fact that all proteins are created equal, they offer their own unique benefits. There is no doubt that casein’s most notable ability involves timing, as it is slowing digested to provide the body a steady stream of amino acids. Every athlete would love to be able to build lean muscles overnight, but it is just not humanly possible. However, with casein it is possible to build lean muscle mass, when sleeping and relaxing, by consuming it before bedtime.

Since casein remains in the blood stream longer, the body can continue to build muscle mass when the individual is resting. This cannot be said about other type of protein, such as soy, animal, whey and egg.

Fiber Content

Most casein protein supplements contain fiber, which is highly recognized by athletes and medical experts as an important nutrient. Fiber is capable of lowering cholesterol levels, preventing cardiac disease, promoting digestion health and losing weight. While protein plays the biggest role in muscle building, it is crucial to not ignore the health benefits of fiber, too.

When your muscles are working, they are producing a waste product known as lactic acid. You could spend all day, every day in the gym and still not achieve your goal if the lactic acid is capable of building up in your body. Lactic acid not only increases fat mass, but also alters your overall health. This is where fiber comes into play, as it is capable of carrying away the lactic acid — a byproduct of muscle production.

Benefits Backed By Scientific Evidence

Some people are under the impression that all protein works in a similar manner. While this is generally true, each form of protein offers unique benefits. Since casein protein is classified as a “slow-digesting protein,” it can offer greater benefits, when it comes to building lean muscle mass. To prove this benefit, researchers from Texas conducted a study with 36 males performing “heavy resistance training.” The results were astonishing, as they showed that the group taking a combination of casein and whey outperformed those taking a combination of BCAAs, glutamine supplement and whey.

Difference Between Casein Protein And Whey Protein

As you probably know, whey protein powders are one of the most popular types of health supplement (right up there with creatine pills).

While casein and whey proteins have many similarities, they also have some key differences. First and foremost, you should know that whey protein supplements tend to be metabolized by the body very rapidly. This is why many people consume whey immediately after a workout. Casein, however, is absorbed more slowly by the body.

On average, it can take anywhere from three to four hours for casein to peak. The release of amino acids after consuming casein protein can last as long as 7 hours in many cases.

Whey protein is generally a good as a pre- or post-workout (such as blended in this awesome post-workout smoothie). Since casein is slowly metabolized, it is not nearly as effective when utilized in this manner.

Who Uses Casein Protein?

The answer is very simple: every athlete and health-conscious person who is looking to build lean muscle mass should be using casein protein. Many professional athletes — including bodybuilders, runners, basketball and football players and gymnasts &mash; take casein protein on a regular basis. Those who fail to include this protein in their daily regimen are missing out on its amazing benefits.

When To Take Casein Protein

For certain supplements, the times you take the supplement matter. Instead, you should consider taking casein between meals. As mentioned above, casein is not a good choice for a post- or pre-workout supplement (there are much better supplements to take before working out). It is also recommended that you consume casein before you go to sleep at night. If you take the protein powder before bedtime, it will continue working all night long. With that being said, it is often recommended that you combine whey and casein. Using whey before and after workouts will help your body develop lean muscle much quicker. Then, consuming casein between meals and before bedtime will keep your going throughout the day!

Casein Protein Benefits

When compared to the alternatives, there are many unique benefits associated with casein. Casein powders might not be suitable for all situations, but it will prove to a be a good option for some unique scenarios. Below, you will learn about the benefits linked to casein.

1. Lasts Longer

Casein is capable of providing the body with a constant flow of amino acids for a long period of time. This type of protein will continue to work for many hours. It is impossible to develop lean muscles overnight, but casein protein before bedtime can definitely help. Whey and other proteins tend to work much quicker. If you want something that will fuel your body for the long haul, casein is a wise choice.

2. Better Muscle Gains

It is also believed that casein protein can deliver better gains than the alternatives. However, there is a trick here. Research has shown that using casein in conjunction with whey protein is the best way to achieve more rapid gains. Researchers recently confirmed that a combination of whey and casein will deliver the best yield of lean muscle than BCAAs or glutamine supplements.

3. Increased Metabolic Rate

If your goal is to lose fat and develop lean muscle, you’ll definitely want to give casein a shot. A recent study from the Netherlands found that people increasing their casein consumption by two and a half actually had a higher metabolic rate during sleep. By consuming casein regularly, you’ll be able to empower your body to lose fat even on a full stomach!

4. Can Protect Teeth

Most people will use the best rated casein protein as a way to lose weight and bulk up. However, it should be known that this protein offers benefits that go well beyond this level. In fact, it is widely believed that the best casein protein powder will also be able to help protect the consumer’s teeth. Research has found that casein may very well be able to help diminish the rate of enamel erosion. If you drink a lot of soda and want to protect your teeth, you should consume more casein powder!

5. Delivers Greater Strength

Most guys want to bulk up and increase their strength as quickly as possible. Whey protein can definitely help. However, a recent study carried out in Massachusetts proved that Casein might be better in some specific areas. The study concluded that casein protein could potentially double the performance of whey protein for the shoulders, legs and chest. If you want to strengthen those legs or shoulders, you should consider having a casein shake each and every night!

How To Take Casein Protein

Taking the casein protein isn’t overly difficult. In fact, there is a good chance that you’ve already got the procedure down pat. If you’ve used whey protein in the past, you’ll already have it figured out. Just mix the casein protein powder with a sufficient amount of water. This is the most convenient way to consume the powder. Alternatively, you can mix it with any other liquid, such as milk, or even put it in other foods like oatmeal or pudding.

How Much Casein Should You Take?

The recommended dosage of casein truly depends on your unique goals. If your goal is to lose fat and preserve muscle, it is in your best interest to contain at least .45 grams of casein per each pound of bodyweight. If you’re not interested in changing the composition of your body, you should opt for less. People in this category should consume roughly .36 grams of casein protein per each pound of bodyweight. You have the freedom to increase the dosage slightly, if you feel the need to do so. Obviously there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy; again, it depends on your body and goals.

Choosing A Good Casein Protein

It is absolutely vital to realize that all casein protein powders are different in certain ways. Your buddy might like a specific brand, but you might not. You need to form your own opinion based on your unique preferences. Below, you will find some of the thing to consider when attempting to choose a good powder.

1. Brand

Often a good, quick way to find a good supplement is to choose a product offered by a company you are familiar with. They may manufacture the whey or creatine supplement you already take. If they offer a casein powder, give it a try. If nothing else, this is a great starting point to finding the best casein powder for you.

2. Flavor

Casein protein powders are available in numerous flavors, including banana, chocolate, vanilla, and many more. You should always do your best to choose a flavor that you enjoy. If you cannot stand the taste, you’ll probably never finish the entire cup.

3. Look At The Nutrition Facts

When you look at the nutrition label of the protein, you’ll find its calorie content, as well as the total number of carbs and fat. If your goal is to lose weight and build lean muscle, you should choose a protein that contains fewer calories and fat. This will help to ensure that your powder doesn’t defeat the purpose.

4. Price

There are many different manufacturers that produce casein protein, all of which carry a different price tag. While some consumers are adamant about sticking with name brands, others will prefer a brand with a lower price tag. The key to finding a brand with a price tag to suits your wallet is shopping. You can purchase casein protein supplements online and at brick and mortar retail, health and grocery stores.

Casein protein can be a great supplement to add to your stack. If taken at night, casein can provide fuel for your muscles all night long as you sleep. Hopefully this casein protein guide has been beneficial to you.