About Bow Health

Hey, I’m Steve. I don’t live in the gym. I don’t follow a crazy fad diet. I’m just a regular guy.

But over the course of my life I’ve made a real effort to learn about what’s healthy and what’s not, and when given the opportunity to choose between these, I simply make the healthy choice.

If I can do it, then so can you — and I’d like to help.

Let me start by sharing my journey (so far) with you.

My Journey

The Beginning

My journey into health and fitness originally began because I wanted to become a U.S. Navy SEAL. If you’re unfamiliar, SEALs are an elite military unit comprised of some of the most physically fit individuals in the world — they are the best of the best.

While preparing to join I followed an intense training regimen, and during this time I did tons of research, learning as much about exercise and nutrition as I could.

This marked the start of my health journey.

A Roadblock

Unfortunately, like so many of us experience, a few major personal issues struck all at once, and in the chaos I stopped training for a while. When I tried to get back into the swing of things, it just wasn’t the same.

I had lost the unwavering mental drive I’d had before, and as any actual SEAL knows, if you aren’t 100% committed, you will surely fail.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately I decided to let that dream go.

What was left?

Finding My New Road

I was a lost puppy for a while.

I stopped making the healthy choices. I ate whatever I wanted. I rarely exercised. I didn’t become overweight, exactly, but I was no longer in the great shape I’d attained while training. Over time — as it does for so many of us — my physical health was steadily declining.

This deterioration in physical health took a toll on my mental health, and my confidence and self-esteem all but withered to shadows of their former selves.

During this time I found myself becoming increasingly anxious — almost all the time but especially when contemplating my life and my future. A few years went by during which I wasn’t totally depressed, but a mild cloud of depression seemed to follow me wherever I went.

Caught in this state, feeling utterly alone, I realized three things:

  1. I was totally stuck
  2. I had been stuck for a long time
  3. I had no idea how to get unstuck

This realization hit hard — akin to the dreaded “rock bottom” you always hear so much about. It was a horribly painful and lonely time in my life, but ultimately the most important and defining period in my life up to this point.

“Sometimes the only way out is through…”

The point at which we feel as though we cannot go any further, we are on the edge of something more. Ironically, when we find ourselves amidst paralyzing chaos, our field of vision cluttered, is the perfect opportunity to look ahead, press on, and find clarity.

While training for the SEALs I’d had a purpose, a clear goal. After giving up that dream, I had nothing tangible to strive toward, no particular destination in mind. I meandered mindlessly and became complacent with myself, though I was unknowingly slipping into an abyss.

Finally I had hit my breaking point and realized I needed a change.

The first change was to start working on my physical health. I began exercising every day. No matter what the activity was — whether it was for an hour or ten minutes — I made a point to get moving every single day.

I started following a healthier diet — no more thoughtless, last-minute meals made with whatever seemed easiest. I started making an effort in the kitchen, building my meals around vegetables and lean proteins.

These two major changes in behavior made a huge difference to my mental health and functioning. My mood and outlook on life started to brighten, I felt more energetic and sociable, and my motivation levels were returning to the highs previously seen during my early navy SEAL training days.

Slowly, I was becoming myself again.

A Destination in Sight

Now I have a clear destination in my mind. I can see it on the horizon. I can feel it.

I’m still not there yet. I’m realizing that I won’t ever get to a “there” at all — that it’s not even about reaching our goals; it’s about continually striving in a direction that gives us a sense of purpose. The destination and the journey are one and the same, and how we relate to this singular experience is the only thing that matters.

A New Beginning: Bow Health

On that note, better health is not a place at which you arrive, but an ideal toward which you strive each and every day through the choices you make.

With Bow Health, my goal is to help enable you to make the healthy choices when given the opportunity. Though it’s a simple idea, it’s certainly not easy. But I’m confident we can do it.

Are you ready?